Syetoo Full Face Snorkel Mask


About this product

  • Syetoo full face snorkel mask use unidirectional circulation breathing separation to separate the exhaled and inhaled mechanics so that exhaled CO₂ and residual O₂ are expelled quickly from the outlet. The whole air pipe enters in one direction, and intake in the more fresh air. Syetoo’s snorkel mask provides a safe snorkeling experience for you!
  • The 180° panoramic high-definition field of vision, without dizziness, allows you to get a better experience in the underwater world. Use wave-shaped soft silica gel, which fits closely to the periphery of the nose, effectively prevents the backflow of exhaust gas into the sight compartment and causes “fogging”. The ergonomic design is suitable for various face shapes, Close the face effectively preventing leakage.
  • removable motion camera brackets allow you to easily capture your adventures and share them with your friends and family. The headband is the free adjustment of elasticity Comfortable in control. The snorkel piece detaches easily from the mask. We provide a handy mesh bag, you can store the snorkel, other stuff!
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