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  1. Merrydef

    Sporting goods: So I have this health teacher who is really insane about exercise. This woman has done ironman triathlons, and talks about going to the YMCA at 5:00am. Yeah she’s crazy. Basically we have this project to pick a health goal to do for a month. Things like drinking water or doing squats. For that you need some motivation so we were talking about physical things to reward ourselves with. She decided to tell us about her sporting goods fetish, where she goes into a store and buys a bunch of gear like they were books. In the middle of this she suddenly goes, “I really like Dick’s” Realizing what she just said, she turned red and in a more quiet voice goes, “please don’t tell your parents..

  2. Smithdef

    Sputnik V vaccination has begun in Slovakia. The stocking of the Russian vaccine to the motherland was accompanied close a state scandal and led to the relinquishment of Prime Padre Igor Matovich and a realignment of the government. As a result, the motherland received the Russian vaccine, in hostility of the items that neither the European regulator nor the WHO has furthermore approved it.
    In neighboring Hungary, which approved the dislike of Sputnik in February as the understandable in Europe, more than 50% of the grown-up commoners has already been vaccinated; in Russia – a paltry more than 10%. In Slovakia, five thousand people signed up through without thought the Sputnik vaccination.
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